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FIREGLOW GAMES ANNOUNCES GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION PARTNERSHIP WITH NEXWAY Agreement includes digital distribution of 9 titles from the Sudden Strike Brand [18.12.09]
18 December 2009 – Fireglow Games®, a leading video game developer and publisher announces today a digital distribution partnership with Nexway, the European leader of digital distribution of software and games, for titles from the Sudden Strike® series, including Sudden Strike: The Last Stand, Sudden Strike 3: Arms for Victory, Sudden Strike 2, Sudden Strike 1, Sudden Strike: Resource War, Sudden Strike Forever and other games.

Fireglow Games announces finishing of the development of Sudden Strike: The Last Stand [14.08.08]
There are many new abilities in Sudden Strike: The Last Stand such as ambushes in houses, landing parties, reconnaissance, transportation of infantry on tanks and many other things. In Sudden Strike: The Last Stand user interface is reworked, in order to make easier for player to control units and realize his tactics in the game. We also haven't put graphics aside - you will see many new visual effects and animations in the game. Read more...

Addon 1.4 in Portuguese and Spanish languages for Sudden Strike 3: Arms for Victory [21.07.08]
Download Portuguese version (340,3 Mb)
Download Spanish version (338,9 Mb)

Please note: your older saved games may not work properly with this addon and you need the original DVD of the same language to play the addon missions.

Release of free addon 1.4 [03.07.08]
Free addon available on English, German, French, Italian, Japanese and Polish languages.

Download English version (345,4 Mb)
Download German version (345,5 Mb)
Download French version (345,5 Mb)

Open beta-test for the Sudden Strike 3 Arms for Victory Free Addon [20.06.08]
Open beta-test is finished.

The addon notes updated [11.06.08]
New units and the list of reworked campaigns and missions added to the addon notes.

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